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Monstrous menaces

As the disciples of Talamek begin their plans to unleash their dark god upon the world, creatures of all kinds have begun to spread. Weak at first, these monsters from another world grew in strength, distracting the armies of the north and south to better conquer. Here are a few of the foes Karden and his friends will meet as they journey across the world they seek to save.
Squamea duellator

These crocodile men were once only found lurking deep inside the damp caverns, yet recently found their way to the fields near Corodeen. Krokedrilos are vicious and ruthless, unafraid to charge onwards with the promise of fresh meat.
Eremus caesar

Masters of the Thalasai desert, these giants often appearing during sandstorms, attacking any wanderers who may have lost their way and dared enter their domain. Sphinxes are adept at magic, ensuring swift fatality to their foes.
Cultrum lupites

Seldom seen under the sun, goblins gather in mountains and underground, assaulting any who dare enter their domain. They may be weak, but goblins strike in great numbers, overwhelming miners and stealing their tools.
Ziz Swan
Avem mortium

Once a plentiful species of birds, the Ziz Swan eventually became fewer and nowadays are only seen in some of the more montainous areas of the world. These birds prefer to gather their food in open areas, away from their nests.
Adipem horkos

These colossal behemoths are dumber than a bag of bricks, yet their strength should never be underestimated. Ogres prefer the cover of canyons west of the holarii continent, waiting for victims to leap on and strike down.
Ypoulos serpens

These slithering warriors prefer dark, dank environments, hunting in groups using weapons found on the bodies of their fallen adversaries. A close relative to the naga, kaspaya are stronger, deadlier and ruthless to the end.
Over 100 monsters to conquer